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the trickster journal of the star samurai.'s Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
the trickster journal of the star samurai.

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dem level achievements yo [12 Sep 2013|12:06am]

There has been a distinct lacking in screenshots, hasn't there? Well I've made a lot of progress since that last post, so check all that out under the cut. It's a Trickster-only entry, of course!
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no more trickster? how about more trickster [01 Sep 2013|06:04pm]

Last month, my relatives stayed with me + family for a visit. So I wasn't able to game that much.

Suddenly: Touhou 14Collapse )

But dude. Last week after said relatives jetted back to England, I discovered something amazing after feeling pretty sad seeing a Trickster monster gif on Tumblr:

hello rTOCollapse )
And guess what? I got another game too! It was on sale and I couldn't resist!
Don't Starve!Collapse )
So yeah! I've been so addicted to TO man, it's crazy. Trying to wean myself a little bit off of it, but ahhh I wanna get to like, the high levels man!
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no more trickster [30 Jul 2013|04:55pm]

I was hoping to play more Trickster when I finished college in May. But to my shock, the US server of Trickster Online closed down in February. Naturally, I went on LemonSoda and spent some time on the last day online. It's too bad I never had time to grind in the new Spa dungeon. :c It was really sad going to Megalopolis for one last time within the large crowd of the Fantasia server I've been on since December of 2007. I had six years on this game, and it's so sad for it to go offline. A part of me wishes someone else would've picked it up, but oh well. Time to move on.

As for the state of this journal, I guess I'll change it to a general gaming blog. I still have LaTale, yet I can't work Season 2 on the laptop. The feedback I got from the help center was to run it in Bootcamp. So I need to track down where I put those burnt discs of Windows XP. I kinda wish I could use the Parallels VM on Bootcamp too, but oh well.

I'm also on Steam, so I have a couple games on that. Might as well detail where I'm at with those.

BastionCollapse )
Sword and Sorcery (Episode 1 I think?)Collapse )
WizorbCollapse )

Soon (within 30 days of yesterday) I'll be paid for this one freelance web design job I did, so I'm aiming to get a 3DS (finally). I've always wanted one, and I'm sick of being the odd one out of current-gen consoles. And it has a lot of great games that I'd want to play, so it'd be a good investment. I did buy a copy of Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon earlier this month for the cheapest price I saw ($20) on eBay and it works perfectly on the N64. So I'll be buying a controller pak eventually and doing the first playthrough in several years on the actual console.
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//long time no trickstering [21 May 2012|10:13am]

[ mood | calm ]

Hey guys! I know, it's been forever since I updated this thing. Last summer, I played LaTale like hardcore. And I have college, haha. Within a few months, I'll be starting my senior year! For now, updating my webcomics and soon to fill out more applications for the summer (and fall? i might go for it).

Anyways I got an email a few weeks back, not thinking of going back to Trickster this month. And it was all like "SO IF YOU HAVEN'T BEEN ON SINCE DECEMBER, YOU CAN COME ON TODAY AND GET ALL THESE SPIFFY ITEMS" and I was sold. And yesterday, I got on.

Of course, I went on LemonSoda first and realized I was doing episode 6 still. And then somehow my rechargable items had 3 days left each? So I used my Driller Girl for drilling quests and that helped A TON. Because I would've gone nuts. Presently I'm at the Rosaline part, I think. I gotta check up on the quest page again. And I need to find that packet of Trickster info again because I forget where I left off for Chocola and FlyLo.

I did some Fiesta for both Lemon and Chocola. Somehow I got 2 TM points and 1 base level for Lemon, taking her to 244 or 245, lol I forget. And I don't think Chocola got anything.

I think Chocola is at Black Swamp and FlyLo is at Rose Garden. So first I gotta finish off episode 6 with Lemon and then she'll do some more item gathering for them. Hahahaha.

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//flylo is... [12 Sep 2010|08:00pm]

[ mood | calm ]


Scarily, this was still easier than LemonSoda's advancement - thus further proving that advancing a not-so-MyShoppy-Wind/Earth sheep is the MOST difficult advancement.

BUT YEAH. I also did the Snow Hill Mine quest without buying anything - which felt really awesome. ♥♥

And since I have a job now, I bought some stuff. I've been meaning to try and get that Chocolate hair wig thing. With 2 boxes, I got a trident and LOLWTH THE PET. Seriously, 2nd box = pet. So I got an Erin Book and a Mercury and fused those together. Because FlyLo is long overdue for a pet upgrade. This way she'll have something decent before 190 and that Groom Tau that I've had for AGES.

Plus the Chocolate pet is adorably vicious. LOL.

After that, I didn't feel like being on anymore. LOL. But yeah - I'm going to continue on with Rose Garden questing - including a lot of drilling. Uggh. I should just do some quests and make room in the bank and etc. Get quests over withhhhhhhhhhhh. IDK if I'll finish that Rose Petal quest, but I'll try my best. \=o=/

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//19; I don't want to deal with entry numbers anymore~ [31 Aug 2010|10:51pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Because I don't remember them at all. LOL.

But yeah. I am trying to get on Trickster more often. I've been working on comics and etc like all summer long. But I did make some progress:


- finished Ghost Blue
- leveled to 120
- 3-4 TM levels away from TM 120
- reached level 131

I'm going to leave her in Fiesta after the maintenance so that she can reach TM 120. LOL. Talk about torture. And then I'll put her in that Snow Mine and have her drill for the Harkon Quest in there.

- working on Black Swamp
- currently at Rose Garden Fiesta
- reached level 150

Er yeah. No idea what I'm going to do with her. I'm too lazy to drill for drillables since I am so used to drilling with FlyLo. Hahaha. But I will - with Lemon. Wooooo.

Speaking of which:
- finished Tabasco Volcano - finally

And that's it. LOL. She's just chillin' at this point. Trying to empty out all these quest items for Chocola and FlyLo. So yeah. That's going to take a hell of a while.

I want to level Chocola before FlyLo - but lolllll yeah, I want to get FlyLo to 3rd job so badly. Hahahaha. ;O; Just to have a Thief Master up there with my Duelist and Witch~~~ ;O; ♥♥♥

Yeah. I'm done for now. Next time I log on - it'll be to grind like hardcore with FlyLo.

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18; flylo is in da house—! [07 May 2010|09:50pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Okay. So I got back into Trickster after my first year of college ended last monthhhhh (finally). Here are a few updates:

• less than 5 people ever go into Harkon Defender anymore - I've went alone twice. It's fucking ridiculous. I'm beginning to stop caring. Sadly.
• Lemon got to level 240, finally! Now she can wear that crown and tennis bracelet.
• Fused the frog helmet thing from the frog-lol-box to the crown because it looked awkward. Oh. And Saint Shield with Gentleman's Shield - because that thing was bulky as hell. And didn't match Lemon.
• Latest Pop event came and past. And I got a Super Driller Girl during this time, hellz yeah! And I used her during this time. Got a shitton of Paradise items and 300+ pop boxes. I am quite proud of this. I haven't finished opening them all yet.

Now here's what I accomplished with FlyingLotus, my experimental hybrid LK/DA, melee, shuriken-wielding fox. Named after the ~*~*~*ultra amazing~*~*~*~ instrumental hip hop DJ/producer, Flying Lotus. He released an album this month, Cosmogramma. It's fucking epic. I'm pretty much advertising it with FlyingLotus. LOLZ. ;D ANYWAYS:

• Mermaid Key Quests = done
• Battle with Don successful at third try at level 85.
• Episode 2 done. (thank you mastered item detector!! ♥♥♥)
• Ghost Blue Key Quests = done
• Level 100!!

And after today, she's at level 111 and TM 91. I'm feeling really good about her. Drilling has never been this...better than usual. Because of Item Detector. Hahaha. And she's so much fun to fight with. Mixing Stone Strike with shuriken throwing and double-crit melee-ing. It's pretty versatile. Right now I'm TM leveling Precise Pitch. I think it's at level 5 or 6 atm. I can't wait for the next Fiesta to level that up like crazy. For now - I'm staying in Ghost Blue to finish more quests. The two new (crazy) GB quests helped a lot. Except Merrow Gills were SOOOOOOO hard to get. I kid you not. I'm so glad I finished that today. Now I just need 25 Nora Reeds for the Frog Shaman and I'm done with him. ;D ;D Yayyyyy. Then I can do some stuff in the Nora Sewer. Nope - I haven't even TOUCHED that area yet with FlyLo. Hahaha.

With Lemon...ehh...I just want to finish Tap quests. I just need two more Sapphires and I'm done with that one hellish rare-gem-tastic quest. (Thank you Hana for helping with diamonds + other items!! I must give your stuff to you~) Oh. And Salt Jars. Yay. Maybe I can get FlyLo up to Tap and drill w/Flickr. But yeah. I haven't been doing Shadow quests. I'm too focused on FlyLo I guess. I totally want her to be 3rd and ~*~*~*awesome~*~*~. My third 3rd job character~ I will feel so proud!! ;;

With Chocola, I'm now just aiming to get 16 Tombeth seals - because getting uniques, is an impossible goal. I think I'll just get 16 seals for every boss for Chocola. I'm weird like that. Tut already had 16. So I want to make it even. Hahahaha. If I get a unique, fabulous. But seeing other people's seals...I highly doubt this will happen. Other than bossing, I want to do Fiesta with her liek hardcore. I'm tired of the Jelly Fish for her - so getting her to 150 is a priority...after getting 16 Tombeth seals. 150 is the max limit for him. HAHAHAHAHA. Then she can use this awesome Gacha mask I got - I just need two more orc bats to compound to it for AP. :D And finally she'll have a better mask than like...lots of HP.

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17; harkon defenderrrrrrr [19 Mar 2010|11:27am]

[ mood | chipper ]

Aiight, so during spring break (last week), I decided to get back on. I found out that Harkon Defender got added and decided to try it out.


And it's addicting. My server hasn't won yet. =v= But still fun nonetheless. Sometimes I'm useless and sometimes I'm pretty badass. I'm the only member of my guild to go to these things regularly and I end up on that one listing of guilds/people not in guilds of kills. Now that is pretty badass. xD

Also I finally got myself to finish the Techichi quests just to level up to 230. Working on Tapasco right now and hating it. Because the drill rates suckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk because of that questing update. And I need diamonds and sapphires, which were uber rare anyway BEFORE the update. And now...yeah. I'm not going to deal with that quest for a while. Even though I have the items for the SECOND part. *deathhhh* And I can't get salt jars for the hell of it. It's just...ridiculously lame.
But now Lemon is 235...or 236 I forget.


Finally Fiesta is back, so I'm going to get on and level up TM liek hardcore for ChocolaChan. Cuz she needs it desperately. xDDDD Like dude. Plus I need to master stuff from 1st/2nd job. Except I don't really need to for Pumping Heart because nearly 100% of the time, she OKHO. So yeah. It's not an immediate necessity.

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16; it's been a while! [11 Feb 2010|09:40pm]

[ mood | calm ]

And I come w/a new layout and user info!
I went on a nostalgic overload looking at my 2nd iconjournal (_____vegaicons ), so I HAD to go back to the S1 stylesheet. ♥♥♥♥ Generator! Hahahaha.

Anyways. I just got back into Trickster after not getting on for a month. I was starting college again, so what is expected of me? Hahaha. It was hellish to get adjusted to new classes. But now I'm okay. Kinda. Now there has been a blizzard-like snow storm and now everything is fucked up.

Anyways, long story short, I missed Amelie COMPLETELY.
Ah well. There's next year. It's fucking Ntreev, they'll recycle the boxes FOREVER. Hahahaha. All my expenses are going into college, so there's no way I can afford Trickster cash stuff. (Unless I can get more commissions and save a little bit of the money for Trickster - but that isn't happening - bleh).
LOLZ the Valentine's Bear stuff is SO adorable. Makes me want to do lotsa free offers to get points and buy a few boxes. OTL. But I think Lina is next. But ffffff the Valentines stuff is NEVER coming back. LOLZ so yeah. I'd much rather get the cute stuff. I guess. Hmmmmm. I don't know. Maybe I should just go for Lina.
I am too indecisive.

Anyways. I didn't do much on Lemon but laze around and greeting my guildies. And I am not motivated to work on FlyingLotus. Hahaha. So she's off to the side now. Until I can get more energy (aka - more vacation days off of school or summer vacation).
I'm spending most of my time on Chocola. Since I deleted this one friend I just...couldn't stand (surprisingly, no reply to me - huh), I feel more comfortable going on Chocola. ;3 And I am enjoying her OKHOs all the time, hahahaha.

I finished Rose Garden, all because of that one quest Ntreev added to the key quest stuff. (HAH NO MOAR ROSE PETALS) And then I worked on most of Episode 3. Long story short, ChocolaChan had no real issues with Golem OR Rosapina. Though she did have to be revived 3-4 times w/Golem, it was fairly easy. ;D Now it's just getting Fairy Eyedrops from the Rose Worm - by which...fuck my life, I HATE THAT ROOM. So badly. Like. It's mobs everywhere. And I'm like "WTH is the point of this...."

And good news: Chocola is now level 140~ :D I am feeling good about her now.

Now I want to get Lemon to 230 - OTL. Funny thing is I actually FOUND a Snow Mine party that I could GET INTO. It was all good and I brbed for dinner and left Lemon somewhere on the field. When I got back, Lemon was not dead - the PARTY WAS DEAD. xD;;;; I was like "...wow, seriously? I didn't die and this happens?" It was REALLY disappointing. I forget what level Lemon is. 226...227...I forget.

Booo I want one of those EXP bonus weekends like in September. THAT was badass. I think...September. Might've been November actually.

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//15; it's official: [18 Nov 2009|10:46pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Like dude. Holy crap. Like. Woah.

So after collecting some cards at Mermaid Dungeon and Tap1 and losing O/X alongside many other people (except one guy), I went to do some card identification. I heard a suggestion at ggftw.com forums that you should do 2 stages, end it, and repeat. Well I kindasorta did that. When it was hopeless after one stage - like if there's one or two bars left, I end it.

Well...look where this lead me to:
DUN DUN DUN!Collapse )

I was literally saying "OH MY GOD. OH MY GOD. OH MY GOD." And laughing. And tearing up. All day long I was all "I'M GOING TO BUY SIXTEEN FOR 15 MIL, LOLZ LOLZ" - but dude! To think my lucky time to get 16 was tonight! It was fucking epic.

So then after that I had no idea what to do. So a friend of mine (Terachi~ :D) asked another friend what to do. And so I did what he said and LOLZ SECRET MAP. OvO And it was actually relatively easy to go to the map first. The other time however was kinda ridiculous but I still made it in. xD ANYWAYS. At first, I was like "Ho' shi- flame monsters everywhere."
But you know what's hilarious:
All of the quests were EASY.
Like I thought it was going to be slightly hard, but wth. So easy.
The collecting of 10 flames = SUPER EASY.
Fighting that thing that looked like the Big Blue pet thing = OHKO
Fighting my doppelganger (that didn't have ekips on cuz I didn't wear that much before the mirror) = SUPER EASY.
---- Like that fight was so amusing. Because my monocle is a fuse, the doppelganger had the original form on. xD LOLZ. And then it got out a few more of itself and it had my nurse shield and I was like "...what? How?" XD But they were all like 2KOs I think. But I was amused greatly.
And dude. Just getting messages from people made it even BETTER. Especially my guild - because we've been complained to each other about getting the cards and shit. So dude. It felt so AWESOME. ;u; Right up there with third job advancement - even though I wasn't in the same guild then. And new friends along the way like this month and last month. These have been the best months of my Trickster times I must say. ;u; Like. I am just so happy. FINALLY!
Oh yeah. I don't remember who kenjo is - which kinda depresses me. So I don't remember which guild they're from. Unless it's as early as the Naurto Lovers guild? I don't knowwwww. And I semi-remember burntbrownie, but not really. But wth they remember me. xD

HAHAHAHA. But yessss! Guardian stuff = so much fun. <33333 Like fighting the shadow monsters and actually getting those ekips and stuff is awesome. Sephirens is too cute and then sexy~ :3 xD She's...level 14 or 15 now. Hahahaha. I might go to a higher-leveled place to level her up more. Because this is too slow.

Hahaha and then I forgot about maintenance tonight. But people are assuming fiesta and Bika boxes are coming. HO SNAP. CHOCOLA - TIEM TO SPEND QUALITY TIEM AT JELLY FISH. *DIES INSIDE* XD

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//14; i am getting so freaking close...! [16 Nov 2009|11:03am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

...yet so freaking far away with these freaking SECRET CARDS!1

Oh yeah. The guardians are here. I did everything up to getting these absolutely infuriating and frustrating to get SIXTEEN secret cards. And right now, the "RARE" ones are HORRIBLY HORRIBLY HORRIBLY EXPENSIVE.
LIKE #16 ranges from (from what I've seen) 90mil to 160 mil galders.
And basically if you want to exchange it from something other than galders, you'd have to give CARDS 1-15 in order to get it.

It's just fucking ridiculous. And a friend of mine tried to do an exchange of MyShop for it. EVEN THIS OTHER GUY HAD THE CARD. And he got freaking scammed. Like dude.

This entire quest is fucking ridiculous.

On the flip side, I did raise and mature my soul seed. My last point was the only sense point - thank god. xD It's a 5414 which means it's going to be a power type! *v* And Sephirens is so pretty. So I am not disappointed I didn't get a charm guardian. Yet apparently according to a friend, the charm guardian isn't that great. xD So LOLZ I GUESS I AM OKAY.

The only cards I need are ONE and SIXTEEN. And I have yet to sell/trade 3 extra cards: 4,5, and 12.
Saturday I was lucky with finding secret cards.
Yesterday I didn't see ANY secret cards.
So maybe just MAYBE today I'll be lucky again. xD Or even MORE lucky and get #16 AND #1.
...yet I highly doubt it.

Oh yeah. But one of my best guildie friends (Krymson~) has a #1 and is willing to give it to me. I think I'll goad her for a lower price than 14mil. LOLZ. Apparently Mewi got it for like 10mil. So...yeah. I kinda want...a lower price. UNLESS I CAN FIND A WAY LOWER PRICE TODAY!! I am determined to get my guardian before this event is over. SO DETERMINED...! There are two things that enflame me even more:
1) ANNOUNCEMENTS of enlightenment.
Like 3rd job, it is announced when you got enlightened. Which pisses me off. SO MUCH. Cuz that means these people got the cards I need QUICKER. Like dude. It pisses me off SO bad. >A<
Like dude. Every single map. Except for boss rooms. And towns. HAVE SHADOW MONSTERS LURKING. Like dude. I just want to kill them, but I can't! Holy shitttttt. It's just the most horrible temptation ever.

Even though the prices are going to lower in MONTHS.
I cannot take it anymore. I MUST get my guardian! Hurrrr PLUS I have guild buddies who HAVE their guardians. Like. Dude. Hearing them talk about leveling their guardian up...PISSES ME OFF INSIDE. D: So yeah.

And I am running out of cards to use. Which argh...pisses me off so much. Like dude. THIS ENTIRE PROCESS PISSES ME OFF. XD It is so bad. Even third job is freaking easier than finding these secret cards. Snow Hill...at least it's inexpensive to pay in galders for. But NO. NO NO NO NO. THESE CARDS HAVE TO BE SO FREAKING EXPENSIVE. It depresses my soul so badddddd. D:

...OTHER THAN THAT, LEMON IS LEVEL 213. Hurray. And I created a new set of goals on my profile. Lolz. And and and I started to fight Mad Ray on her and it is FREAKING EASY. Like I kid you not. Lame part is it takes 30 minutes to get two more Mad Ray in there after you beat the initial two. But LOLZ. I mostly get Divine Crowns, Sensible Creeses, and recently I got a ...power gun. It has a longer title, but I forget. But LOLZ with my last free Artisan Flame, I fused my nurse hat and Divine Crown together. BECAUSE IT LOOKS SO FREAKING COOL ON LEMON! OvO Like dude. I couldn't stop wearing it. She looks like royalty~~~~ <33333 It makes me so happy. :3

But yeah, I'm also currently gathering Rose Garden drillables for Chocola on Lemon. And lolz - it's more lame because 1) the new map pieces for black market and treasure hunting AND 2) trickster card boxes. xD Rose Petals and Cocoa Powder = HELL. I hope to find some to buy today. Some CHEAP ONES that is. xD Like. God. At least I can get Gao Drills to use - but they're not compatible with the type of land at Rose Garden. So LOLZ. Today I have to restock at the Spicy Island store - maybe like 5+ drills. LOLZ. I tried a Musume Drill and it was just terrible. LOLZ. Never using that again. EVER.

...Chocola is getting the killables, btw. Like dude - OKHOs of everything except Beast Vicentos. Surprisingly she can't. This is an amazing concept to me.

And I might freeze Luetin in the future to get a fox in that slot. Because I cannot dual client - unless in the future I can get Trickster to work on my future Mac laptop if it has Bootcamp and stuff. That way it doesn't have to be two on the desktop - but on two separate computers. Hmmm. But whatever - I still want a fox with my other characters. Shuriken-wielding awesomeness. Hahaha. <3
Plus again, two sheeps are redundant.

Yet for now, I want to save for Amelie stuff. And Chocola-stuff. xD Cuz I want her to be 3rd job SO badly. I just need another Fiesta event to raise her TM to 120. Her TM is only 105 or 106 at the moment and it's depressing my soul. I don't care if the Jellyfish kill her repeatedly - I WILL GET HER TM UP THERE. >C *huff!* Like dude. I can't wait. Yet I need another Harkon. Oh dear god. xD With the last of my Poppuri Drills, I -will- do the TapMine quest on Lemon. I'll do Chocola's later. Hahaha. All I want is Chocola to get to third and get some badass Duelist skills. :3 And be AoE and tons and tons of funnnnnn. :D I don't see any Duelists in Valkyrie - so I want her to be the first. :< Lolz. Champions. I only want Luetin and (redo#3) RoboTussin (OR FLYING LOTUS? O.O) to be pure. I used to want a Champion. But I want some AoE in with whatever character I have. Champions are the only 1-target oriented 3rd job class. Even though it would be good to have variety, I can't live w/o AoE. Besides, Duelist skills have RANGE too. I don't know about Champions - but I think Duelists definitely have more range. Which excites me greatly. I tend to liek sneaking an attack - being a bonafied ninja if you will. I know Lemon is a pro at this. xD With Cleaving Terra + Wind Blade. LOLZ.

Oh. And Whirlwind is freaking awesome. I can't imagine it mastered. Well...lasting longer. But with MORE power. Dude. At level 5, it can 2ko Guardian Kerberos. TWO HITS. I can't wait until mastery for ULTIMATE LEMON LAZINESS. xD It's going to be fabulous. And after that I need to get Rust mastered too. Hopefully it won't fail after that. xD

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//13; ho' snap, the big update is tonight!! [04 Nov 2009|10:13am]

Though I might have to AFK for a while today cuz I have to work on this huge Drawing project that I semi-screwed myself over time-wise. But whatever - I'm just going to make whatever I can make.

Anyways, for two days I came back to Snow Hill for stuff. 1) help Fariza gather Snow Hill stuff and go to Fiesta w/her for a little bit and 2) yesterday with Krymson to get Teardrops. In that process I got 2 pink lipstick and sold them to someone who was buying them 100k each. :B

Oh yeah, Snow Hill Fiesta is pretty easy. It's just Jin Snow Ladies are bitches mannnnn. Like dude - only light attacks work on them very well - so lolz lots of MP eating. So I just run away from them. Plus the brightness of the screen...I can't go through cycles for very long. Damn you Snow Hill!!

Anyways along with that, Techichi key questing is freaking EASY. I mean the first quest I had to do was collecting PROJECTILES. Which are HORRIBLY EASY TO GET. So that was exciting. I just gotta drill up more Serpentine (...6-7 more I think) and somehow that is harder to do...? And collect Dust Masks from Orpeos, which isn't entirely fun at all. xD I can kill them fast but when they Berserk it freaks me out cuz they could 1ko me if I don't have SoH on. Otherwise I take like only 5k rather than my entire HP bar. xDDDD And the Volcanic Ash Packs are fairly easy to go. So yeah - today I'll do that first and then go to Phantom School for the last attendance sheet and then AFK.

Unless someone in guild wants help with something. Lolz.

Oh yeah and Lord Lycan is getting a voice! So yeah - first voice pet for me. (THANKS A LOT, NURSE NYXX 190 BOXES. *HUFF*)

I'll type more later or I'll just end it here. LOLZ.

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//12; lemon is finally an elite trickster!! [01 Nov 2009|10:16am]

[ mood | calm ]

I decided to go train at the first Count trial since I found a party listing there that was a royal party. I died 3 times and had to wait 3 times to get back in since it was daytime. :D That's the only sucky part of it. But once you're in there and mobbing - it's amazing. <33333 Faster than Tap1 w/a full royal party is all I can say. <3 BUT YEAH IT WAS SUPER AWESOME. MY HEART WAS BEATING SO FAST LIKE WHEN I WON 3RD JOB. And LOLZ Mewi was just all "WHO IS GOING TO DO SWAMP PQ WITH ME?!" XD But I went for it anyway. I was at 100% too. XD Hahaha.

But yeah! Now I can do Techichi quests - by which LOLZ one of the quests is nothing but SAW BLADE RINGS. They're projectiles, so it's horrifically easy to get. It's like a free sticker and exp. Freaking awesome.
Oh yeah, and I bought my way for ChocolaChan to do the Snow Mine quest. She's at level 119 now. ALMOST 120! ALMOST!
Ah yes - I met Whitebard finally like this weekend and she said I should get those carved wooden boxes from the egg shop to get the Maple Vest. So I went for it.
I got: AP Scroll, DA Scroll, Green Plum Bandana (Yay...?), Green Plum Sword (Comped for light 100% and level 1 refined now for Chocola!), and Assistant Hunter VR (EXCITE).
But no vest. Ah well. Once I buy more MyShop when Amelie comes out, I'll try again. Hahaha. Yet I have to wait for just one more charabox to come and pass. Bika. Which MIGHT be useful for Chocola? Or I can wait for Lina after Amelie. DEPENDS ON HOW MANY POINTS I HAVE THEN. PLUS SCHOOL. Yet lolz in December it's only 3 weeks and then vacation~ <3 Awesome~

Yesterday Mewi was bossing A LOT. So at first I went with her for Soki. Man does he summon the lamest things ever. DX We couldn't do it. Eventually she got a lion to Shield Break the boss and she was able to beat it. XD

Oh yeah I met someone who's a fan of underground hip hop like me! Their name was even MadVillain. (Though the 'i' was misplaced) But dude - it was awesome talking to them! It's rare to randomly meet someone who likes underground hip hop. ULTRA RARITY. It was cool beans.

Ah yes, I entered the third anniversary contest last minute yesterday. HOPEFULLY I WIN SOMETHING. I left lots of room for the start button and stuff! :D So yeah! Plus it's simple! Hopefully not too simple. Now I'm really nervous cuz there are some good entries. Some of those aren't my taste, but might be Ntreev's taste! Hahhhhhhhhhh this sucks man. >3<

I also got a new account just to get new charas on Fantasia. Hahaha. Fo' free. So I remade my fox RoboTussin on there. I wanted to dual client, but it was incredibly laggy and slowed everything down. Unless I disable a lot of stuff in one window. *shrugs* HOPEFULLY IT IS POSSIBLE. LOLZ. Maybe after finishing this paper I'll just work on RoboTussin. ;D

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//11; chocolachan's adventures in tap1 #2! [28 Oct 2009|10:14am]

There was a number one. But I wasn't on for very long.

But yeah! Valkyrie in 2nd place of the guild weekly ranking! WOOO! 10% exp + tm bonuses! Plus the Level Up Assistant adding bonuses too, I was like "DAMN, I GOTTA TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS."

So after getting that daily attendance ticket with Lemon, I got on Chocola and went to Phantom School. After beating up some Dazes and Accromons, I finally got a Daze Card. When I turn it in for the card quest, I realize that I didn't do the past two quests for her. So LOLZ GOTTA REMEMBER TO DO THAT TODAY. At least...get Lemon to give Chocola some cards. xD Hahaha. Because that Daze card quest was generous. :B <3333 SO yeahhhh.

Anyways after that, I was like "I gotta level to 115 for some MQs at Rose Garden~!" so I had one more PPD on ChocolaChan and decided to go to Tap1.

Man. I ran out of Elixir Potions SO FAST, it wasn't even funny. xD But I ended up levelling up twice my EXP and my TM, which is freaking awesome. You know what else? I finally got to TM 100 to get Counter Punch learned. IT IS SO COOL. BUT THE COOLDOWN ON UPPERCUT STILL SUCKS AT LIFE! Like I thought Cleaving Terra was bad in the beginning, but damn man! Uppercut takes the freaking cake. Even over Radiant Strike. Holy snap. I feel so impatient. Quad Punch is pretty awesome, but I can't use potions while it's happening - so I could die using it. xD LOLZ.

Well I'ma post another time. Or edit this entry later.

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//10; the free offers... [26 Oct 2009|10:10am]

[ mood | chipper ]

...are so irritating to go through.
The saddest thing is that I created a name AND made up not just a valid address but a valid phone number too. JUST TO GET FREE POINTS. But hey, I went from 5k to 10k with free points, so that's a good thing I guess. LOLZ.

Now I can buy stuff. At least I'm planning to do so inbetween the 28th and November 4th (THE BIG MAITENANCE DAY!) - huzzah for trying for Frightening Lightning! LOLZ.

You know what's hilarious? I decided yesterday "What the hell, let's check out Gacha" because of the whole Lord Lycan event going on. So I load it and then when I go into the map screen, I see that I have THREE gacha coins that I WASN'T aware of AT ALL. xD So I decide "What the hell, let's try and get Lord Lycan 120" since ChocolaChan is getting close to 120. So I go into the special town and I drill.

And so I opened the box with Lemon in Mega in that magical row of cells and w/no ekips on. The stats weren't too bad at all. But yeahhh, now my screenshot of Lemon with Lord Lycan is at the Ntreev forums. WHICH MEANS I CAN GET THE BONUS TWO EKIPS AT THE NOV 4TH MAITENANCE! CAN YOU GET A HELLZ YEAH?? I am stoked man. Freaking stoked. :B

Speaking of ChocolaChan, I've been working on her for the past few days. And now she's done with Ghost Blue, yeahhhh! She's 112 now, yeahhhh! She's at a new Fiesta field, yeahhhhh! With Jelly Fish, booooooo! Seriously. There's only SHEEPIES and DRAGONS there. It's the most disappointing thing ever. xD I mean at the Rose Garden fiesta, any class can beat up the Personas. But NOOOOOOO. At GB Fiesta, the magic types are rocking and the melee types with little magic defense are going to suckkkkk. D: Tis lame. Plus I want to get Chocola's TM to 100 if not 120! So depressing. D: Plus there's a lacking of places to train. Except Phantom School. And Ghost Blue. Hurrrrrr. =3= I have yet to do the Nora Sewer MQs, so that's what I'll be doing after school.

And the Halloween event was cute and short and freaking easy. Except for the compounding of Churros on Chocola and Luetin. (ESPECIALLY CHOCOLA!) It was horrible. xD Lemon only had to beat up an Apprentice Witch Pam. Hahaha. Easyyyyyy. xD The ekips are super cute. So I'll be saving them along with other event ekips to sell for big galders. Cuz that's how I want to roll. PLUS MY NURSE FUSES LOLZ LOLZ YEAH. And the Feather Duster thing. Haha.

LOLZ with the guardian thing, I might put ChocolaChan's third job on hold BECAUSE of getting the Harkon FOR the GUARDIAN. No wonder there is TWO Harkon mine quests. HAHAHA. IT ALL MAKES SENSE NOW. But I am excited man. Maybe after I level ChocolaChan to 120 or at least finish the Level Up Assistant, I can use Lemon to do the Tap Mine drilling quest. Which should be exciting. Lolz. xD AND get Snow mine stuff on Lemon for Chocola as well. Woohoo, what fun will this be? xD

And I need to make moar mils in Tap. xD So yes, you'll be seeing Lemon over there soon. As for what day, I don't know. Friday? Wednesday? cuz I am feeling SO LOW on galders. It's HORRIBLE. I really really REALLY need to start making galders. Urgh. I feel so uncomfortable under 10 mil. I'm so weird like that. xD

Valkyrie has been fun~ <3 I feel like a part of a fam~ it's awesome. :B LOLZ this one day I wanted to go Swamp PQ - but we ended up not doing it. (Me & Mewi) Instead, we + three other people transformed into a pack of Shadow Poppuricia and roamed around Rose Garden and then Mega. It was pretty awesome. xD

Well I'ma get off now. Going home soon. :B

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//09; guildtastic! [21 Oct 2009|10:12am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

One of the reasons I am sleep-deprived (along with college) is Trickster. xD
I am not kidding man. xD

But it's so rewarding~ *v* I helped Mewi with a few Snow Hill quests - LOLZ. One day it's Snowman Jelly, another it's the epic Ice Picks and Empty Coke Bottles (THAT was a long day xD), and the last thing we did was Ice Cubes and Tool #3s. Funnnnnn with Great Coolems.

But dude - yesterday I got on as ChocolaChan and joined the guild - AND MEWI IS LEVEL 190! Dear god she is fast. OvO I wish I was that fast with leveling - lolz. =v=;;;;; HEY, NOW SHE CAN HELP ME WITH PQS!! HAHAHAHA YES! Maybe we can get to 200 together! :D <333 I would love thatttttt~ Oh and I got a title (as Lemon) now! And an 'angel' ranking! I feel so special nowwwww. Yet it's so easy to have fun in this guild. Hurrrr so much love for EVERYONE! I hope to help as much as I can.

I am definitely not getting more MyShop until I get money back for the RAM I bought as well as buying liquor for my parents. (...$$ from my parents anyway.) But dude - I gotta save money for art supplies, so yeahhhhh. =v=;;;; And I don't have enough galders to buy MyShop stuff. LOLZ. So lameeeeee. I want boxes! I don't know which one to choose! With 1) Nurse + Ninja Nyxx + Noxx, 2) ORIGINAL Nyxx + Noxx, 3) Box of Regrets, and 4) Miracle Jen boxes. It's horrible man. I want to hold out for Amelie, yet holy mackerel the stats of Corvid stuff = AWESOME. Plus it's level 210 stuffffff. Yet Amelie has level 200 stuff. So it might be worth it to just buy that later. Or at least one box.

Hurrrrr. If my final box isn't her, I'm not buying any more. So lameeeeeeeeee.

I'm thinking of refining things again - like the Syringe Wand and such - since that'll be my next wand. Or the Lyr Wand if I want to get more MA for that and use that for grinding and such. (Nurse set = drilling/survival set) Yet I totally forget what stones are for what! It's depressing.

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//08; everyone is a cat in this guild! [14 Oct 2009|10:19am]

[ mood | calm ]

...well not EVERYBODY. But hot damn. It's crazy. Yet I love them all, so it doesn't matter. XD

Anyways, Lemon is ALMOST done with Snow Hill - just...2-3 more stickers. I think 2 more. I am so fucking stoked because I want to get out of there SO BADLY. 1) It's horribly bright and 2) I AM TIRED OF SNOW HILL. So yeah. The fact that this is ending soon is really exciting. I just need to go to the Ice Blue Dungeon and fight Coolems A LOT for Ice Cubes and fight Freyrs A LOT for Hot Packs. I think I have everything for the actual KEY QUEST. It's just collecting items. Which is REALLY HARD at Snow Hill. Like with the Ice Creams...dude, for like hours one day I couldn't get a single Fresh Cream OR Bubble Beater. I had to purchase some just to finish it.

...OH RIGHT. I gotta finish the Empty Coke Bottle quest too. Maybe I'll do that first. Those goddamned Santa Bears. LOLZ. I gotta remember to do the daily quest too. GOTTA GET THOSE 3 TM POINTS FOR RADIANT STRIKE. YESSSS. Time to replace Mana Stormmmmmm. XD

And don't get me started on collecting compound items for Lemon's new equips! Like dude - the Nurse ekips I have (First Aid Shield, Nurse Cap, and Syringe Wand) has SO MUCH DA that I am not wasting any drill points on my drill. IT'S THAT FREAKING AWESOME. So yeah. Whenever Lemon is going to drill, NURSE LEMON TIEM. *gets shot* But yeah. I need to put: LK - wand, MA - hat, MP or LK - shield. Since I am such an MP eater, I must get more MP. Yet more LK would be awesome for critical hits. Hmmhmmhmmm~~~~~

Yet I need to do Swamp Mine PQs and no one wants to do it with me! It's so depressing! I might ask the guild and see if anyone is 180-199 that can do it. >n< This is just DEPRESSING!!! I must get LK 185, MA 185, and LK (or MP) 185 stones, which can ONLY come from the Guardmon FROM THAT QUEST. *dies* And I feel lame just going in there on my own and beating them up. ;n;

Oh yeah, on Monday I went to O/X for the first time in AGES. And LOLZ, me and my two guildmates went into the actual field. And 2 of us were eliminated because of this Arnold Schwarzenegger question (I can't believe I spelled that right) - that his first role was named Arnold Short. D: That was the lamest thing ever. And then our other guildmate got eliminated being interrupted by her mom. D: But all is fine! I wonder if Mewi is still recruiting like mad today. I'll see when I get home and log in! LOLZ.

As for getting on ChocolaChan and Luetin - I don't know when. I mean Mewi is friends w/ChocolaChan - so meh, could I fit her in the guild? I'll ask and see. I am an active talker since I joined, so we'll see.

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//07; episode five is soooo easyyyyy! [09 Oct 2009|05:19pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

LemonSoda finished it within the night from...8 to 11 something PM. ;9
There's a little gap in time when Trickster decided to phail on me about 2-3 times. It was horrible. When it finally worked, I was like "...WELL GEE THANKS."

I got a Nurse Nyxx (I think? I get them confused) 190 Box and on my first try I got a Syringe~ :D The MA is super lameeeee. Like it's 26 or 28...argh. *angst* At least I can like, temper it. Yet I need to do some party quests before that happens. I'll try and go for the pet...kinda. I'm probably going to just get 2 more boxes.

I'll finish this entry later. I'm about to leave PCAD now. Huzzah. 8D *was waiting for ride*

(EDIT - 10/11/09)

So this is what I've gotten from the Nurse Nyxx 190 boxes:
Syringe (lame), Syringe (better), Shield (pretty decent), Shield (not so decent), Hat (YAY DIFFERENT ITEM!)
I'm aiming for the pet. I'm only going to aim for Nyxx. I don't have the patience for Noxx. LOLZ. OvO;
If I don't get the pet in the next box, I am hoping for the mantle. Even though I already have a cape from the Azhi box. (The only one I got anyway, LOLZ.)

Oh yeah. Judging from my new icon, I am using a new hat! :D From the whole episode event thing, the Robin boxes made me smile. I got the hat, shield, love chain, and the pet. :D ♥♥♥ Gentleman Robin is so cute~ I remember those boxes came out when I got the rose colored glasses. XD So I feel so 2008 right now. LOLZ.
But just yesterday:
DUN DUN DUNCollapse )
Technically I went to 191, but SO CLOSE TO 200!!
Andddd I only need 5 more Snow Hill Stickers! I'm so close to finishing the key quests, I can taste victory! Holy shitttt!

But LOLZ. It's so funny - I went to the Swamp mine since I turned to level 180 a few times to see if I can get into a PQ somehow.
The first time there was a racoon and buffalo there. And I was shy - so I didn't ask. xD
The second time there was a fox and bunny and I actually asked. They randomly ran in one direction away from me. And then they entered the map without a response to me. ono
The third time there was a sheep and...I forget the other type. But I asked. And there was no response for the longest time. So I assumed they might be AFK. I even put in a party request and nothing occured.
That was when I decided to go to Tabasco after so many weeks. xD And I gained 2 base levels and 2 TM levels.

So now I'm leveling Arrow of Light 3 more points and then I'll be getting Radiant Strike. Yesterday I came across a fox in the Snow Dungeon and they never saw Razor Gale before. And thought radiant strike was better than light wave. I said that I'll be getting it after light wave.

But fuck. I can't wait until Fiesta comes out again. because I'll be grinding there like HARDCORE. I want TM points so badly man. I wonder if I'll be 200 by then. There's a slight possibility I will be! I can't fucking wait. :D ♥♥
And at 210 I can use my Summer Stella, who is sitting in my bank. :D I'm so proud that I got her~ 


...I'll make an entry after I stop going insane over my first run-through of listening to the ultra-amazing joy fantastic Butter by Hudson Mohawke. Yes. I am recommending this album like HARDCORE.

Oh yeah. I joined a new guild~ Mewi's guild actually, heehee~ yet there's an imposter guild which kinda makes me go LOLZ WTH. Not sure if our name is changing - it's up to her really. We'll see~

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//06; two leveling achievements in one day?! [04 Oct 2009|09:31pm]

[ mood | calm ]

That's right!

And ChocolaChan (no screenshot, sadly ;n;) got to 100! Thank you Ghost Blue key quest~ lawlz! ♥♥

So now ChocolaChan is stuck in Ghost Blue, LemonSoda is not-that-stuck in Snow Hill (and doing other things), and Luetin is stuck...trying to get to 75. XD;;;;

She's gotta grind somewhere. I think Crow PQ is still avaliable for her? We'll see.

As for Lemon...being 'not-that-stuck'.

Yesterday, I tried SO HARD to find Bluish Green Beads.
I only got TWO within the course of like an hour or two. I don't remember anymore.
One of them she looted (which completely floored me) and one of them she actually got herself. She got like 3-4 BONE MAGICIAN CARDS.

Oh yeah. She attempted Count Blood yesterday. The trials aren't that hard at all. Except the last one made me extremely nervous.
But yeah. she's most definitely not ready. She got stuck at the yellow bar. Hahaha. Eventually I got banished. Which made me happy. FREE TELEPORT TO MEGAAAAA. LOLZ.
Oh yeah - she got a Poppuri Waistcoat, since a new friend suggested it. OH YEAH. I made a new friend~ :D She gave me LK Stone 95s along with an Electric Stone~ :D I finally finished comping my Saint Shield and Diploma Stick. But yeah! I helped her w/a Shadow Card, since I had extras. Hilarious thing is soon after that, I got another Shadow card. xD Geez Trickster godssss, you give me lots of cards but lacking of Bluish Green Beads.

And searching for HP shit for the Poppuri Waistcoat is HELLLLLL. I got one Rim of Sieve yesterday. I might attempt to hunt for them next time I'm on. But I tried going on Mermaid Dungeon and going nuts with AoEs...but yeah. No luck at allllllll. *angst*

Oh wait.
I am so fucking stoked.
I'm actually at the level requirement stuff and everything! I'm too excited for this man~ :D Being amongst all the high leveled people to experience this ~!! So stokedddddddddddddddd man!
And maybe find a new guild on that day? LEMON WANTS TO GVG AND BE SOMEWHAT ACTIVE, BUT BE FORGIVEN???

We'll see.

...btw, fighting with the Diploma Stick is lots of funnnn. Electric comped weapon is quite neat to fight with - the electrical effects and all. *v* I'm used to seeing dark effects all the time with the GLS. Haha. I don't notice anything for soil effects. Hahaha. I wonder what fire looks like. I forget what light looks like. But yeah. *v*
I plan on getting a hat for ChocolaChan for DX~ ;9 Just to get her to attack fast - hahahaha~ just for fun! I loveeeee rapid attacks. I am so weird like that!

But yeah. When Lemon comps the Poppuri Waistcoat, Luetin is getting the GMV. Woohoo, someone gets to inherit it for the first time in...a year or two? Or something? Probably a year. Lawlz. xD

Scary that this year, it'll be my 3rd anniversary playing TO. SCARYYYYY.

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//05; lemon kinda bought that rune of fate thing. [30 Sep 2009|07:36pm]

I tried to drill for it today.
But dude.
It was horribly frustrating.

Someone was selling them for 6 mil each and I felt desperate.
So yeah.
...and eventually a Tabasco party. Gosh it's been a while for that. Maybe on the weekend.
(NPCing is my majority method of galder income - lolz)

Also hahaha - I quit my guild. I had enough. Plus I've seen my former guild master around. And plus I found something on a forum and let me just say I wasn't impressed at all man. I don't know when the hell they're coming back. There was no set date at all.
Yes I loveddddd it, but wth - I had enoughhhhh.

So hopefully next Wednesday I'll find a new guild. LOLZ. I want to GvG so badly - so if someone can link me to a guild that'll do that and is active, that'd be awesome! I'll try to be social, most definitely! :D

But seriously, GvGing looks like SO much fun! :D I watched a video today and I was like "Dude~ yes!! I WANT!"
Yet lolz first things first LemonSoda! TM LEVELING TO 192 OR 200!!
Reason for that is I'm either going to master Light Wave or not. I'm not sure yet. Hahaha. But for now, I think I'll just level it to 10. After that I'll be raising Arrow of Light from 3 to 10 and then getting Radiant Strike. Woohoo~ 8D

Yet apparently Whirlwind is awesome with WB at Kerbs? So perhaps I can fit that in somewhere? I don't know. Hahaha. Maybe after Light Wave level 10. Hmmmmmm. Or just start it now? Gah probably after Light Wave. Hahaha.

So much to think about!

But I did purchase more MyShop points today. I got a Gacha coin and decided "Why not?" and tried getting a Dorothy-related item. Got the lame G2 Blue Potions. Useful for Luetin still, but ffffffff. LAME. xD;;;
But...oh yeah, I got an Olympic Box. I want a mask for ChocolaChan. So I was like "...why not? It's only 2k points per box." Way less expensive than the other boxes. Hahaha. That's fo' sho'. I wonder what country I'll get? LOLZ. Maybe I should get a cape too. It'd be nice to have another permanent cape.
I'll be waiting for new pets and stuff - like what I've been seeing in the Future Trickster Content thread over at /ggftw. Hoooooo shittttt I can't wait! Then again I want Amelie really REALLY badly! Cuz I am a sheep-a-holic. 8D HAHAHA.

And ffffIlovethissonggggggg~~!!

And fffff, I oughta work on my project that's due tomorrow. LOLZ FOR PROCRASTINATION. I did work on 2 other things due tomorrow. But yeahhhhhhhh. I am lazy. And tired. My eyes hurt.

Wish me luck. Uggh. I'll probably be on either Friday or Saturday. Uggh. =A=;;;

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